5 Summer makeup products you need

Now that we’re well into Summer and it’s FINALLY starting to heat up in NY (thank goodness!), I’ve started switching into my Summer makeup products. 

Every Summer, there are 5 makeup products that I always crawl back to because they’re perfect for the hot, humid summertime weather. 

In the warmer months, I like to wear minimal makeup, but give it a super dewy and “lit from within” look. 

There’s nothing better than a fresh, but glowy looking face in the summer. 

Makeup products you need for summer: 

These makeup products are perfect for an everyday makeup look or if you just want to use a few here and there to make your makeup super minimal. 

Shimmer Face Primer 

I love using a shimmer based face primer in the summer because… 

  1. It helps your makeup last throughout the day, despite the heat, and…
  2. It adds that perfect glow to your skin. 

Sometimes if I’m really not feeling like doing makeup one day, I’ll do my skincare routine and just add a glowy primer to my face. 

It truly livens up the face and brings a much-needed glow to the skin. Perfect for summer. 

I’ve tried a bunch of shimmer primers, but my two favorites that I have bought multiple times are actually from the Drugstore. The Wet n Wild one is cheap and does the job and the L’oreal can be used as a primer or as a liquid highlighter. 

Tinted Sunscreen 

If you read my skincare routine post, then you know I’m avid about wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. 

Sunscreen is like anti-aging in a bottle… trust me. 

In the Summer I especially make sure I’m applying a liberal amount of sunscreen to the face and neck regions so that I stay protected in the Sun’s rays. 

I love this tinted sunscreen from It Cosmetics because it provides the protection you want but also gives your skin a flawless filter. In the summer, this tinted sunscreen replaces my foundation.

Tinted sunscreen is also perfect for beach days when you want to look slightly put together but don’t necessarily want to wear a full face of makeup. 


What’s summer without a little bronzer?! 

Seriously you can’t go wrong with a bronzy look in the Summer. I usually wear bronzer throughout every season but there is just something about Summer that makes it even more special. 

Bronzer can be used to add that sunkissed glow to your face without looking muddy. 

Cream Blush 

Cream products, including blush, are the absolute BOMB in the hot months. 

I don’t love packing on powder to my face in the Summer because it slides off and creases due to excess sweat and oil. 

Cream blushes are the best because they can be applied with your fingers or a brush and give you a “real” skin look. 

I love how natural cream blushes look while still makeup you face look alive and slightly pink like you have been in the sun all day. 

A quick trick is to add a touch of blush to the tip of your nose and on your temples. This is a  game-changer and helps your makeup look like your real skin. 

The cream blush I am using currently is from Sephora Collection from forever ago… I should honestly get rid of it (lol). 

Lip Gloss

I adore the look of glossy lips in the Summer months… who doesn’t?

Any form of clear or light pink lip gloss is perfect for Summer because you don’t have to worry about a dark color lipstick smearing or getting all over when it is hot out. Plus…

I love the effortless but still put together look lip gloss gives you. 

The lip gloss I love (well, I guess it is not technically a lip gloss) is actually a lip sleep mask. But…

The sleeping mask acts as a thick lip gloss in my opinion. It stays on your lips for hours, is super glossy, and hydrates your lips so you don’t have to worry about your lips getting dry from the Sun! 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about some of the makeup products you need for this Summer! 

You guys know I love talking makeup so let me know if there are any other posts that are makeup related you would like to see!

Have a great Tuesday,