Loving Lately: Home, Beauty, Food and More


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Today’s blog post is going to be kind of like my monthly favorites but more so sharing with you girls all the things I’ve been loving lately. 

I have a bunch of random favorites on this list… Ranging from beauty products to coffee. 

Most of these items were purchased within the past two months and I’ve been dying to share these…

1. Glycolic Acid Toner

I’ve had this glycolic acid toner from The Ordinary for a while now, but…

For whatever reason, I’ve never used it frequently. Until now, because… 

I realized part of the reason my skin was breaking out so much was because I wasn’t exfoliating it properly. Currently, I use this toner every single night as a light exfoliation step in my skincare routine and it has totally changed the texture of my skin. The best part…

It also only costs like $8 so it really is a bang for your buck. 

If you want to learn more about my favorite skincare products, check out my skincare routine post

2. Caramel Coffee Cake Coffee


This coffee is so so good. 

If you’ve been around for a little bit then you probably know my obsession with coffee. 

Caramel Coffee Cake Coffee is so good both hot and cold and has the best caramel flavor. 

Most flavored coffees I find don’t have strong flavor, but this one totally does. I am obsessed. 

3. Glass Mugs

I love large mugs and I found these at Walmart on my last trip there. 

I had to add these mugs to my loving lately list because they are glass but are also big compared to a typical mug. 

Most glass mugs can only fit about 10 oz of coffee and if we are being real, ya girl needs more than that to wake up in the morning. 

These fit at least 12oz of coffee with room for added milk. 

4. Skin Spatula

If you have never tried a skin spatula… Run don’t walk. 

I was skeptical about this product at first but I saw one of my favorite bloggers talking about it one night on Instagram so… 

I looked it up on Amazon and saw it had a 5 dollars off coupon. A couple clicks and two days later… 

It was at my front door. 

The first time I tried it… I was blown away at how much gross stuff came out of my skin! 

I was seriously in shock

After using it my skin felt baby soft and so glowy. It has multiple settings so you can use it to also help your serums absorb better, cleanse the skin, etc. 

Let me know if you girls want a detailed review and blog post on how to use this magical device. 

5. First Aid Beauty Lotion

I picked this moisturizer up on a whim when Matt and I went to Ulta one weekend for some product restocks. 

It’s probably the best facial moisturizer I have ever used. Seriously. 

The moisturizer is thick but spreads so easily on your face and acts as the perfect primer before makeup. 

I like that it is ultra-moisturizing without feeling heavy or oily and love that it contains Eucalyptus oil.


It smells amazing and instantly makes you feel like you are at the spa. 

6. Selenite Crystals

I bought these selenite crystals sticks off of Amazon to use as decor for mine and Matt’s new apartment. 

I love how they add a modern touch to any space and act as a perfect item to add to shelves or books. 

They give me a Restoration Hardware vibe without the price tag. 

7. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses have been a lifesaver for me. 

I used blue light glasses occasionally in college, but ever since starting my new job, I’m on the computer almost all day between my job and blogging so… 

Blue light glasses have been saving my eyes. Thank the lord. 

I also wear them at night as soon as the sun starts setting to get my body ready for bed. 

8. Faux Fur Blanket

I found a faux fur blanket at TJ Maxx the other day when looking around for cute home decor.

I felt this blanket and it was insanely soft. Like mind boggling soft. So naturally, 

I had to buy it in a neutral taupe color. 

It adds an expensive look to my living room but is super cozy. BONUS…

My dog Ella loves it too! 

I can’t link my exact blanket but keep an eye out for it at your local homegoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls or shop the one I linked for a similar option!

9. Comfort Colors Tshirt

I was in need of some basic, comfy shirts to lounge, sleep and pair with biker shorts so I headed to Amazon (Shocker, I know… ) to find some options. 

Through college, I loved Comfort Colors so when I found a plain Comfort Colors shirt on Amazon for $9 I knew it was meant to be!

I snagged the color denim in a size XXL for an oversized look for myself. This shirt comes in a ton of colors and is perfect for an easy throw on shirt. 

10. Black Bound Journals 

I needed a few new journals and wanted them to be black and classic looking. I ended up buying this two-pack on Amazon for $9, which is a total steal. 

Currently, I’m using one for my daily to-do list and the other as my journal. 

I hope you girls found this post fun to read and I’d love to know some of the products y’all have been loving recently! 

Let me know if you guys want me to make this type of post a monthly thing — Comment Below! 

Have the best day!