Good afternoon, friends! Since we’re all now living through quarantine (which is totally necessary to get Coronavirus under control!), I have been passing the time doing some online shopping for Spring. Every year around this time, I get the itch to switch up my wardrobe. I love to start incorporating new trends and more fashion-forward outfits into my wardrobe. In the fall and winter, I honestly don’t wear anything that cute since it is so dang cold in NY. Remind me why I live here again? 

While shopping, I found some trends that I absolutely love and wanted to share some of the items I’m loving. Once it finally warms up here, I’ll incorporate some of these items. I seriously cannot wait for the sun! 

Neon ActiveWear
Boyfriend Jeans

Let me know what you guys are loving for this upcoming Spring.

I hope you are aren’t going crazy while quarantined. Hopefully this passes as quickly as it came.

Praying you are all happy, healthy, and safe…

Xx Nik

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