about the blog

Welcome to thenicolepaige.com, an Austin, TX-based lifestyle blog written by Nicole VanBrocklin. Dreamt up a few years ago, The Nicole Paige is a place for Nicole to inspire creativity through sharing her passions for all things beauty, health, and wellness related and share tid-bits about life in an unfiltered way. Nicole’s mission is to provide a safe space and a daily destination that inspires the everyday woman to be the best version of herself.


my story

I was born and raised in a small suburban town in Syracuse, New York.  I lived with my mom and older sister and our three cute kitties. Although not the most exciting place to grow up, I wouldn’t trade my childhood hometown for anything. I learned a lot and grew more than I could have imagined in my time there. My mom and sister have become my best friends, and they are my two biggest supporters.

When I graduated from high school, I moved to Rochester, New York, to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology. In Rochester, I lived with my boyfriend Matt, our cavalier pup Ella and three other roommates.

Although I have always loved the health sciences and my life path seemed set from the second I began college, I woke up one day with the urge for something more. So the small little blog I dreamed of in my early teens, I chose to make a reality.

In May 2020, I graduated from RIT with a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences and minors in Psychology and Nutrition. After graduating Matt and I decided to pick up our lives and move from Rochester, NY to Charlotte, NC. 

After a few short months in NC, Matt was offered an amazing job opportunity that he could not pass up. So, we picked up our lives once again and made the big move to Austin, TX. We could not be happier living the Texas life! 

For Matt, he is currently working for his dream company and working on many different projects. As for me? I currently work as a podcast and video editor for a financial media company. Although I never pictured this as my first post grad job, I am so happy to be letting my creative juices flow and do something new. 

Soon, I plan to get my certification in personal training and combine that with my degree so I can share with you guys my never-ending health tips.

In my off time from work and the blog, I am your average 23- year old girl. I drink way too many cups of coffee, love spending my Saturdays watching Netflix, affordable fashion, and daydream of traveling the world someday.

Thank you so much for following along with me through this crazy journey called life!