SKIMS DUPES for under $30: Look For Less

I’ve wanted to get items from SKIMS for quite a long time now. But, if I am being honest I don’t totally love the price tag. I know the quality is amazing, or so I’ve heard. But, for the most part, I’d rather spend more money on clothing I wear out than on items that I will use for sleeping or lounging.

A few months ago I was shopping at Walmart in the men’s section and found myself in the undershirt and boxers section. A light went off. I figured I could recreate some of my favorite SKIMS items, to get a similar look. 

This whole outfit costs about $30, but you get 3 total “outfits” and then some with the additional boxers. 

Again, these are not meant to compete with the quality of SKIMS but if you are loving the boxers as loungewear trend like I am you are going to love this!!


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