Fall Fashion trends 2021

Fall fashion is in full force, and I’m not going to lie, I have been devouring fashion content on Tik Tok all week.

I have probably watched about a hundred fall fashion trend videos, and it has me fully inspired to share some of my favorite trends with you guys.

Fall fashion is so fun, and there are so many different ways to layer and put together an outfit. In the summer fashion is easy. You’re able to throw on a good pair of denim, a tank top, sunglasses, and sandals and are good to go. In the Fall you’re truly able to build an outfit and make it into its own moment.

Fall Fashion Trends 2021:

Sweater Vest:

Making another appearance this Fall are sweater vests. You either love ’em or hate them, but I think they are a great layering piece. Plus, there are so many different versions of a sweater vest. H&M has some really classy-looking sweater vests this season. One of my favorite ways to wear a sweater vest is layered over a plain white button-down.


At first, I was kind of skeptical of this trend, but the more I found outfits styled with ‘academia’ pieces, the more I began to like it. This trend deals with all things plaid, checkered, and tailored. Think, private school vibes, similar to gossip girl. In particular, I love the plaid tailored pants.


This trend brings me back to my high school days when preppy style was in. I’m talking Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, headbands, all the things. This year, preppy returns but more elevated. I am loving the layered sweater looks, classic button-downs, and tennis skirts.


Similar to the academia fall trend, anything and everything tailored is in the season. I am loving all the tailored sets. This trend is taking your classic business looks and turning them into a more fashionable and flattering look.


I hope puffers never go out of style. There is such a statement to a simple look with a slicked-back bun, sunglasses, and a big puffer in the fall and winter. My favorite is an oversized puffer jacket that can be paired with sneakers and activewear or dressed up with a chunky sweater.

Cowboy & lug sole boots:

One of the biggest trends I have been seeing this fall season is any kind of cowboy boot or lug sole boot. The Texan in me is living for the cowboy. boot trend. I love that you are taking an item that isn’t necessarily “fashionable” and turning it into something that can be worn with so many different outfits.

We first saw lug sole boots come into fashion last fall, but they are even bigger and chunkier this season. Double score if they are knee-high.

Puffy or Quilted Bags:

Another trend we have seen recently and seemed to be big this summer was puffy or quilted bags. I own a few of these types of bags and love them. The first quilted bag I ever bought was this one from Amazon and it is my most used bag right now.

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What Fall trends are you loving?

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