What I ordered from Amazon: September


It’s officially October. Where in the hell did September go? 

It’s time for me to share everything I bought on Amazon this past month. There are some amazing items in this post so, definitely try some of them out!

My September Amazon Order:


Boar Bristle Brush:

I wore my hair back so much while I was in Italy in August. Ever since then, I have been loving wearing my hair in a tight bun or ponytail. Plus, I feel like any slicked-back style automatically makes you look put together and chic. I bought this boar bristle brush to help smooth the hair out and prevent any flyaways when I put my hair back. 

Glass Skin Primer:

I saw this product on Tik Tok a few weeks ago and picked it up immediately. It is such a good primer. I even love wearing this product without any makeup up. It helps with getting rid of discoloration and adds the best “shine” to your face without being glittery. “Glass skin” is exactly how I would describe how this product makes your skin work. 

Embryolisse Moisturizer: 

I love doing on Japanese and French beauty products, and this product I kept reading about in French beauty books and websites. It is SO good. It primes the skin perfectly for makeup and makes your skin feel hydrated and smooth without feeling heavy. 

Gel Nail Set: 

I’ve always been a fan of doing my own nails. This set is the newest addition to my routine. I love doing glue on nails, but this set takes it a step further. It is a gel-based glue-on nails system, so the nails will last even longer than with nail glue. The mini UV lamp helps for easy curing of the gel. 

Nivea Body Lotion:

If you haven’t purchased this lotion yet, you NEED to. It makes the skin so hydrated and glowy. Like model glowy. I have purchased this product multiple times and have it in 3 different sizes so I can take it anywhere with me. It’s the best, most affordable lotion on the market. 


LMNT Electrolyte Powder:

I used to be obsessed with liquid IV, but not with all the added sugar. I went on an inflammatory foods detox, and that meant no processed sugar. Liquid IV has a ton of cane sugar in it, so I needed to find an alternative to get my electrolytes in. Enter LMNT electrolyte powder. These electrolyte sticks are the absolute best I’ve found. LMNT doesn’t have any sugar and doesn’t have a chalkiness like most sugar-free electrolyte powders. If you work out a lot, get these! 

Monk Fruit Sweetener: 

Another alternative to cane sugar, with zero calories. I love stevia too, but monk fruit sweetener has the closest taste to real sugar that I’ve found. So good in coffee, or for cooking and baking. 

Nut pods creamer: I have never found a creamer that I like that doesn’t contain dairy, until these. They are so yummy! They make your coffee nice and creamy and they have a ton of flavors to choose from. This month I picked up the pumpkin spice ones for obvious reasons, but my favorite is the cinnamon swirl one. Most of them are unsweetened, but they have a few flavors considered “sweetened”, but they use stevia and erythritol to sweeten them. 


Faux Leather Pants:

I’m sure most of you have seen leather pants trending all over social media. They are the new “it” pant for fall. I looked all over the internet for straight-leg leather pants that were still in stock in my size. Everything was sold out, so I turned to amazon. I must say they are pretty great considering the price. I think these are great if you want to try the leather pant trend without breaking the bank.


Rainfall Shower Head:

Matt and I spent our anniversary weekend in downtown Austin, and we stayed at the Austin Proper hotel. What truly made the hotel experience was the shower! They had a rainfall showerhead, and it was the best shower I had ever taken. As soon as we got home, we amazon primed a similar one, and to say I am excited to install it is an understatement! 

Hotel Pillows: 

I needed some new pillows and saw these on Amazon with thousands of 5-star reviews. As soon as I got them, I could tell they were going to be amazing pillows. They are fluffy and so comfortable! So, if you need affordable but high-quality pillows, get you some of these. 

What should I order this month?

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