My favorite podcasts for 2020

I thought today would be the perfect day to share my favorite podcasts with ya’ll. 

What better way to start a Monday than with some inspiring and badass people am I right? 

I’ve been on a major podcast kick lately and wanted to show you all who I have been loving lately and why. I’m pretty picky when it comes to podcasts, but all of these shows get my stamp of approval. 

Some of these podcasts are more motivational based, whereas others feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend talking about life. 

I mix up my podcasts all the time, so I usually just pick one I’m in the mood for and listen while I am at the gym, cleaning, showering or making dinner. 

Must Listen to Podcasts for 2020:

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

The Skinny Confidential podcast was the first podcast I ever listened to and is still my most listened podcast. 

This podcast talks about a variety of topics ranging from wellness, skincare, controversial topics, diets, pregnancy, business, and everything in between. 

Lauryn and Michael are witty and exciting. They chat with so many unique guests on their show. I love how they bring on guests from all different areas of expertise and really dig deep into the topics they talk about. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to listen to an episode more than once or stopped the episode to take notes because there’s so much valuable knowledge to take from every episode. 

The only downside… my amazon cart is always packed with every little thing Lauryn suggests… sorry Matt! 

The Ed Mylett Show

I found Ed Mylett from the Skinny Confidential Podcast and instantly loved who he was as a person. 

You can tell by the way he talks he cares for people deeply and goes through life as an amazing husband, father, and above all, follower of God. He’s extremely passionate about what he does and I’ve never left an episode of his show without feeling inspired and driven. 

My favorite episode by him that I’ve listened to so far is the Unlocking Your Success Code. It’s one of his older episodes so I’ve already listened to it three times. 

I keep going back to it over and over again because it’s filled with so many useful tips for people trying to become successful. 

She Podcast

I found this podcast while looking for podcasts to download for the plane ride to Hawaii over the summer

I absolutely adore this podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley, who is also the author of the book Own Your Everyday (It’s on my 2020 reading list).

Every episode feels like you are sitting down with a mentor or friend. Her episodes always leave you feeling good and inspired, without the pressure to constantly do more. 

The goal of most of her episodes is to help you be the best version of yourself while still giving yourself grace. 

If you want to feel like you are chatting with a girlfriend while navigating the highs and lows of life this is the podcast for you!

Thick & Thin

I can ALWAYS relate to this podcast. 

For me, this podcast isn’t necessarily one I go to to “learn” something or figure out how to level up. Instead, it’s one I like to listen to when I need “big sister” advice.

Katy’s voice is so soothing to listen to — it’s literally like she was made to podcast.

The podcast focuses a lot on millennials. Katy helps us navigate the twists and turns that come with young adulthood. I love how personal it is and how insightful Katy is on so many of the topics. Most of the time she takes the thoughts right out of my head and describes things in a way I could never put into words.

I truly feel like we could be best friends, and I love this podcast for when I just need some friendly comfort. 

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

This podcast was also one of the first I ever listened to because I watched Kalyn’s videos on YouTube for as long as I can remember.

Kalyn’s podcast is very similar to Thick and Thin. Kalyn is as insightful as Katy and always dives deep into relatable topics.

She’s one to always question the meaning behind life. I love her calm demeanor and how much knowledge she still incorporates into her podcasts. There are always tangible topics I can take from her podcasts while still feeling like I talking with a sister or friend over a cup of coffee. 

Detail Therapy with Amy Landino

Amy Landino is my go-to when I need to get my ish together.

Her podcasts cover a range of topics from: how to wake up earlier, what to incorporate into your morning routine, running a business and overall just how to level up your life as a whole.

I love how she brings a breath of fresh air to some of these topics that so many people talk about. I never leave and feel like I didn’t learn something new from her. She’s all about cultivating your strengths, and how to be an overall boss of your life.

I hope you all enjoyed the post and found some new podcasts to listen to throughout your week.

Have a great week, friends, and share below your favorite podcasts because I love listening to new ones!