How to Get Back Into A Fitness Routine And Healthy Habits

Hey, babes! I don’t know about you girls but it has been a real struggle over here in terms of working out and sticking to healthy habits… 

Ever since quarantine started I have not been in a workout mood or wanting to eat healthily. I’ll admit… 

I’m not the best at sticking with workouts when I have to do it at home. It’s hard for me to be able to separate daily life from work from working out. 

However, not sticking to a fitness routine has taken a toll not only on my body but on my mental health. I’m ready to get back with it. 

If any of you are in the same boat, I figured I’d share some of my tips and tricks…

Tips For Getting Back Into Healthy Habits & A Fitness Routine: 

1) Start Slow 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen out of healthy habits and then try and go full force ahead into an elaborate fitness routine. Only to find myself in the same place I was before because I couldn’t stick with it. 

When either starting a fitness journey or getting back into a fitness routine it’s best to start SLOW

This can vary from person to person, but don’t try and convince yourself you are going to work out seven days a week for an hour when you haven’t been working out at all.  Aim for maybe three days a week. Or even going on a few mile walk every day just to start getting your body moving again. 

Once you start doing something simple like that, your body will adjust again, and you’ll be able to up the amount you work out to get back to where you once were.

2) Add In Healthy Meals 

Starting to eat healthy again after you have fallen off the bandwagon can honestly be so hard!! 

Your body will feel 100X better though once you start incorporating healthy meals back into your diet. I think the easiest way to get back to eating nutrient-dense meals is to add in simple, but healthy meals back into your day rather than taking away all the unhealthy ones. 

It’s easier to switch out a salad for lunch than trying to change your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals all at once. Similar to the first tip, start slow! 

3) Start Everyday With Water 

A healthy habit that I think a lot of people struggle with but is also one of the easiest when getting back into healthy habits is… drinking enough water! 

To nip this in the bud, my best advice is to start every day with lots of good ol’ water. I have a 32oz water bottle that I fill up at night and when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is take a drink. 

I try to finish at least half of the water bottle before drinking my coffee (which, believe me, is motivation enough!). You could also add some lemon to the water if you like extra flavor, I do this all the time. 

4) Find a fitness Plan & Add Workouts To Your Calendar

My favorite way, hands down, to get back into a fitness routine is to find a new fitness plan that fits my goals and motivates me to get going. 

I’ve done Kayla Itsines BBG 1, NattBFit’s Guide 2 Program, and Fit By Bellas Summer Body program and loved them all. I think I am going to try a Bodies By Rachel Program next! Once I choose my program I schedule the workouts weekly to keep me accountable. 

5) Remember Your Why 

Whenever I restart a new fitness program or am trying to get back into a fitness routine I sit down and write out why I am choosing to eat nourishing foods and be active. 

For me, my why always goes back to eating healthy and working out does wonders for my mood, body confidence and I love feeling strong. I know that my body is the only one i’ll ever be given so I want to take care of it the best I can. 

6) Get new Workout Gear

Nothing motivates me more than a reason to wear a cute outfit… workouts included! 

I love picking out a fun sports bra, and matching legging set to when I am trying to get back into a fitness routine. It makes it so much easier to get up and head to the gym when you are excited to wear something new! 

If you really want to push yourself you could also use a new workout outfit as an incentive to workout. Say you go to the gym 3 days a week for an entire month, then you get to buy something new to workout in! 

Hope this post gave you guys some useful tips on how to get back into a fitness routine and back on your healthy habits! 

There is no better feeling than being energized, happy, and healthy because you are living the best life you can. 

Let me know how these tips work for you if you use any of them when heading back to the gym in a few weeks (hopefully!).