The 5 Best Workout Leggings You Will Ever Try

workout leggings

It’s Tuesday!

Time for a fresh start and a new week.

I want to start off this week with sharing with you guys the 5 best workout leggings that you will ever try. 

That’s right, the best — I said it. 

I have tested out so many different types of leggings for working out and have put them to the test for all forms of workouts raging from yoga to spin and weight lifting. 

The good thing about this list is I’ll share with you girls what workout each legging works best for, their price points (some are a total steal… you girls know I love a good bargain), impact level, overall fit and sizing references. 

I also created a graphic for you guys to save to your phone so you have easy reference to the specifics in this post! 

My Favorite Workout Leggings

Set Active SculptFlex Leggings

Set active is the newest brand to me as I just ordered my first set a few months ago! As soon as I tried it on I was completely obsessed. 

A special thing about this brand is every few weeks or months they release new limited edition colors. 

Essentially as soon as a color is sold out it is gone for good, so if you love a specific color, you better scoop it up! 

I keep up to date on color launches by following their Instagram

The color I got in my first set is Wave, which is a pretty muted turquoise blue color. 

Price: The Sculptflex leggings run for $65. You can get a matching sports bra and legging set for $99. 

Material: The material for Set Active sets is soft and seamless. This brand is known for their sculpt flex material which provides a seamless fit while also sucking you in. It’s the best!

Fit: They are high waisted, suck you in in all the right places and actually fit my height very well. I am 5’ 2” so finding leggings that aren’t too long is a challenge. These leggings stretch with you so I feel like they work well for you no matter your height. 

Sizing: I would say set active legging run true to size. I got mine in a size S. 

Impact Level: High Impact. 

Workouts: Anything from yoga, to spin to HIIT (However, some lighter colors may not be squat proof I have heard from others) 

90 Degree By Reflex Ankle Length High Waist Power Flex Leggings

I first found these leggings when shopping at Marshalls when I was still in college and was in desperate need of new workout legging because I had just started working out consistently. 

I LOVED how thick they felt and were an amazing price. 

Price: $17-$28 (Depending on whether you get them on Amazon or at a store like Marshalls)

Material: The material of these workout leggings is more so that sweat wicking type of fabric, where it has a slight sheen to it. The material is smooth, elastic and breathable. 

Fit: These leggings are medium to high rise, depending on how short your torso is. They have a thick upper band that sucks in around your hips and stomach. They stretch with you as you move, while still holding you in. The crop fits me right above my ankle whereas the 7/8th length fits me more as a full length legging. Again I am 5’ 2” for reference. 

Sizing: I would say these run large and you should size down one size. I wear a size XS.

Impact Level: Medium to high Impact.

Workouts: All activity levels (The black are squat proof. 

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme

Lululemon Wunder Under leggings was probably the ones you expected to be on here. 

You might be asking if they are truly worth the price point and I am here to say they 110% are! 

There is just something about the material and fit of lululemon wunder unders that is truly unmatched. If you are looking for a higher end legging to try out for the first time, these are perfect for you. 

Price: $98 

Material: The material of wunder under is thin yet high coverage, sweat wicking, smooth and keeps you cool. It is not shiny but is still an athletic feeling material while still being breathable and soft. 

Fit: These leggings are high rise, and have a thick band similar to the 90 degree by reflex leggings. I order the 25” inseam but they also come in 28” and 31”.

Sizing: I wear a size 4 in these leggings mainly because I like them to fit snug so I don’t have to continuously pull them up during a workout. However, I can also wear a size 6 perfectly fine. I would say true to size or slightly on the small size. 

Impact Level: Medium to high.

Workouts: I wear these for activities like walking, weight lifting, and yoga. 

Lululemon Align Pant II

The best leggings for not only working out but lounging around the house. The best way I could describe these leggings is like you are naked ahaha. 

They are so lightweight and soft. You’ll be obsessed as soon as you try them on. 

Price: $98 

Material: Buttery feeling, lightweight, thin and looks more like you average legging and not as much like it is meant for working out. 

Fit: The fit is very similar to the wunder under leggings, where they are high rise and have banding around the top. The band doesn’t suck you in as much as the wunder unders do though. I get the 25” length but comes in 28” and 31” as well. 

Sizing: True to size or slightly big. Size down if you want a tighter fit. I usually order a size 4.

Impact Level: Low Impact (the fabric on aligns will pill if they are used for higher impact workouts like spin).

Workouts: Yoga or stretching based workouts. 

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings

If you are looking for a total align pant dupe, these are going to be your new favorite pair of leggings! They are so comfy and the best price. 

Price: ~ $25 (You can also get these cheaper at stores like Marshalls) 

Material: Buttery, soft, and thin. These leggings have a slight cotton look to them. 

Fit: These leggings are very high rise in my opinion (I have the shortest torso though haha), suck you in and feel extremely light weight.

Sizing: True to size, I order a size S.

Impact Level: Low Impact. 

Workouts: Yoga, or stretching. 

Well that’s all for today’s post! 

I hope you guys found this helpful and that you can help you choose a pair of leggings that works best for your lifestyle and workouts.

I love love love all of these leggings and if you have any question feel free to leave them in the comments.