It’s no secret that I love going to the gym. 

It’s a time for me to be with my thoughts, work on making my body stronger and healthier, and a time to really hype me up for my day ahead. 

I’m not going to lie and say it was easy getting started though. And the worst part of it… 

The part I dread most… 


I truly have a love-hate relationship with cardio. 

One second I’m looking like a dying zombie with an extremely red face, and the next I am energized, happy and loving life despite my crazy appearance. 

What got me at least a little excited to do cardio was finding a routine I enjoyed doing but still challenged me. 

Let me tell you, that was NOT going to be running. Especially on a treadmill. That whole scenario wouldn’t have ended well. 

Instead, I started out walking at an incline of 8.0 at a 3.0 mile per hour pace and worked my way up as I gained more endurance. 

Eventually, I got super bored of my basic treadmill routine and decided to change it up, and try something new on the treadmill. I’ve been loving my new routine! 

It makes me sweat like crazy, in a good way. This girl does not normally sweat so when I do you know it must be good. 

Today I’m sharing with you all my treadmill routine that is all walking, no running needed! I’ve even included a cute graphic of it so you can keep it saved on your Pinterest or saved to your phone camera roll. Enjoy!!

Treadmill Routine:

Speed: 3.5 to 4.0 pace for all sets except for final one. On the final time slot (33-35 min) drop speed down to slow walk for a nice cooldown. You can adjust the incline based on how high your treadmill goes.

0:00-3:00 0.0 incline

3:00-6:00 3.0 incline

6:00-9:00 6.0 incline

9:00-12:00 9.0 incline

12:00-15:00 12.0 incline

15:00-18:00 15.0 incline

18:00-21:00 12.0 incline

21:00-24:00 9.0 incline

24:00- 27:00 6.0 incline

27:00- 30.00 3.0 incline

30.00- 33.00 0.0 incline

33.00-35.00 0.0 incline

Let me know how you guys like this treadmill workout and if you want to see more posts on what I do for workouts! 


Have the best day, friends!