How To Do Soap Brows For The Perfect Fluffy And Full Eyebrows

Full, thick, fluffy eyebrows are the trend recently and I must say, I’m here for it! 

I’ve totally fallen in love with the look of naturally thick and fluffy eyebrows I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram. I never was a huge fan of super filled eyebrows, because it never looked natural or real and although it sounds odd, I never want my makeup to look unnatural, ya know? 

Enter soap brows. 

I know, you are probably wondering what in the hell are soap brows. I was in the same boat sister…

But when I stumbled upon it on YouTube…. It made soooo much sense. 

The soap brow technique is honestly so easy, and it will change your brow game. 

This post will serve as your one stop shop on how to get the perfectly fluffy, full eyebrows of your dreams. 

What Even Are Soap Brows? 

Soap eyebrows are exactly what they sound like… 

You probably associate soap eyebrows with the fluffy, full look that you see all over social media, but the term actually comes from the technique you used. 

Although it sounds super odd (and it kinda is), you actually use a bar of soap to achieve this specific brow look. 

That’s right, a bar of soap. 

Goodbye to all you brow mascaras and gels, a bar of soap is your new holy grail product for the best eyebrows ever. 

Can I Use Any Kind Of Soap To Do The Soap Brow Technique? 

Technically, yes. 

You can use whatever soap your heart desires to do this technique. However, it’s recommended that you use a soap that is designed for this technique. 

Normal bar soap is used to strip the skin of oils and dirt, which could be harmful to your delicate facial skin. 

The last thing you want is to end up with a rash on your face from the ingredients in your soap. 

However, I am not going to lie, I use normal bar soap for this — oops

I used a soap I knew worked okay on my skin and wouldn’t cause any rashes. 

If you decide to go this route I would patch test a small, small area on your skin before you use it for your eyebrows. 

Also… I’d recommend using a soap that is transparent in color, so you don’t add color to your brows.

How To Do Soap Brows: 

Step #1 — Fill In Your Brows

This step is totally optional if you naturally have thick, full brows. However… 

For those of us who are not blessed with full brows, I’d fill them in a little bit with a brow product.  

I use either a brow pencil, like this one from NYX or a brow pomade like my favorite one from Milani.

You could also opt for a brow powder if that’s more up your alley. 

Use light, feather-like strokes to fill in any sparse areas. Make sure to blend out when done. 

Step #2 — Wet Your Spoolie

The next step in this tutorial is to grab your spoolie and get it wet. 

My tip for this is to get a little spray bottle from Amazon and fill it with water. This way you can dampen your spoolie with easy access in your makeup bag. 

Or, even better to get long lasting staying power, use a setting spray to wet your spoolie. 

I love this one from Rimmel because it’s cheap but helps my makeup last all day! 

Step #3 — Soap Time 

Time to get soapy! 

After dampening your spoolie you are going to grab your soap and gently rub your spoolie across it. 

You want to pick up some soap, but don’t go overboard with it or you will end up with cakey looking brows. Yikes.

Step #4 — Shape Your soap Brows

Now, to achieve the look of super fluffy, full brows use your now soapy spoolie and glide it on your brows in an upward direction. 

The goal is to pull the eyebrow hairs up to create that full look. 

Step #4 — Clean It Up 

After you fluff up your brows and have them going in the upward direction they can look a little crazy at first… 

To combat the wild look, I use the side of the spoolie to slowly outline my brow (starting at the arch), slightly pushing down the fluffy brows. 

This motion adds shape to the brow, and will allow your brows to look fluffy but still put together. 

Now you are left with the perfect fluffy and full eyebrows you’ll ever have! 

Seriously… you will NEVER want to do your brows the same again — I promise. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Share with me your favorite ride or die brow products, I’d love to give them a try.