5 Books Currently on my Kindle

2021 has been the year of reading for me. I loved reading when I was younger but lost it when I began high school. Honestly, the thing that brought back my love for reading was my kindle.
I like to read all kinds of books, but I tend to lean toward psychological thrillers for fiction books and self-development or health books for the non-fiction category. So if you love those styles of books then I have some true gems to share with you.

5 Books I am reading right now:


Verity: This book is probably the best book I read this year. Scrap that, the best book I’ve ever read. The story was complex, detailed, and left you wanting to keep reading at the end of every chapter. This book gets your wheels turning, trying to figure out what is going to happen next. However, it is pretty spicy and more graphic in that area than I was expecting so be warned if you don’t like reading “scenes” like that. Overall, if you LOVE psychological thrillers, pick up this book now.

My Lovely Wife: Another psychological thriller that was a favorite this year. The premise of this book is creepy, to put it bluntly. There were a few times I was reading it and wondered why I chose to read a book with such a creepy storyline. The book is based on a married couple who plan murders for fun. Creepy, right? But in the end, it was so worth it. It truly puts you on the edge of your seat and has your heart racing at the end. Such a good book!

The Perfect Marriage: This is the fiction book I am currently reading. I would say the storyline is a basic thriller storyline, but I am enjoying how it is written. I love that the author makes you second guess everything and everyone and pulls at your heartstrings through the characters. I’ll give you a full update once I finish.


The Mountain is You: I’ve been in a self-development reading rut for a while now, but I saw this book posted on Tik Tok and instantly felt like I needed to read it. This book focuses on self-sabotage and how to get yourself out of your head. Every page of this book feels like it was written to me. If you have healing of your own to do or feel like you are stuck in life, I highly suggest you read this book. And bring a highlighter too, you’ll need it.

Atomic Habits: I think this is a classic self-development book that everyone should read. I am not fully through the book, but it breaks down exactly how to build and break habits. You will find this book extremely helpful if you are trying to up your productivity.

What is a book I should add to my kindle?

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